ISTT教育网络研讨会系列(二) 2021-05-10
ISTT推出了一个新的网络研讨会系列(仅面向会员),这次的标题为:从1985年UV CIPP推出以来到如今的发展概况。演讲者为原ISTT主席Dec Downey教授,此次的课程时间为:2020年12月17日美国东部时间9:00-10:00(北京时间:2020年12月17日22:00-23:00),此网络研讨会仅对CSTT会员开放,会议视频软件为ZOOM。需要参加的此研讨会的请联系CSTT外事专员:Leon Xu (E-mail: leonxu@fastmail.com; ittc@cstt.org; 微信号: leon_tsui)

ISTT Educational Webinar Series

A  review of developments in UV Cured CIPP lining from its introduction in 1985 17 December 2020; 09:00 - 10:00am US Eastern Standard Time (14:00 GMT)

The next ISTT educational webinar (available only to ISTT members) will be given by Dr. Dec Downey, a noted expert in the world of rehabilitation. We will be using "Zoom Meeting" as a platform.  We plan to post the recorded video for our members at a later date. Please sign up for the webinar from the online form below.

This webinar was organized by the ISTT Technology and Education Committee. ISTT plans more webinars in the coming months as our usual face-to-face meetings are on hold.

About Dr. Dec Downey

47 years in water and wastewater pipeline construction and rehabilitation with ARC Pipes, Insituform Technologies Inc., Jason Consultants Group, and Trenchless Opportunities Ltd.

UKSTT Chairman 1999-2001, ISTT Chairman 2007-2010

1992 Kurose Award – Japan Microtunnelling Association
2016 Lifetime Achievement Award – United Kingdom Society for Trenchless Technology

2016 Gold Medal – International Society for Trenchless Technology

Title: A review of developments in UV Cured CIPP lining from its introduction in 1985

UV Curing for Cured in place pipelining was developed and launched in the UK and Sweden by Insituform Group and INPipe AB in the mid1980s. It took some time to establish but over the past twenty years has made a major contribution to the growth of CIPP worldwide. It offers certain advantages over more traditional curing methods but requires investment in technology, quality management, and skilled operators to take full advantage of its potential. This presentation will provide an appraisal of the technology and a glimpse at what the future may hold.

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