About Suzhou

About Suzhou

Suzhou is known as the "paradise on earth" and is famous for its beautiful landscapes and elegant gardens. It has the reputation of "Jiangnan gardens are the best in the world, Suzhou gardens are the best in the south", it is also known as the "Venice of the Orient" because of the characteristics of the ancient water town with its small bridges and flowing water. Suzhou has a history of more than 4,000 years since it has written records. It was founded in 514 BC and is a key scenic tourist city in China and an important economic center in the Yangtze River Delta. Suzhou is an important economic, foreign trade, industrial and commercial and logistics center of Jiangsu, as well as an important cultural, artistic, educational and transportation center. Suzhou is the most populous city in Jiangsu, and it is also the southernmost provincial city in Jiangsu Province.

There are many small bridges in the water lanes, so people can sleep on the river. Along the spring water, when small boats swayed into the depths of the water alley, Suzhou inadvertently revealed the delicate and weak spring charm. Just like the exquisite gardens in Suzhou, the spring scenery of Suzhou is also quietly revealed with Wu Nong's soft words and the babbling Jiangnan minor. Suzhou is a gentle town that needs to be taken slowly and meticulously.

If you come to Suzhou for the first time, it is still necessary to spend a day exploring the gardens of Suzhou, such as the Humble Administrator's Garden, Lion Grove, Tiger Hill, and Pan Gate. If you have already been here, you can follow our steps, look for the quiet spring scenery, spend half a day in the mountains and ponds, and stroll around Pingjiang Road in the afternoon. Contribute a day and a half to Xishan. In addition, in the rest of the time, you can take time to listen to Pingtan and stroll around the night garden. If time is tight, you can choose according to your own preferences.

The picture is transferred from Suzhou tourism information network

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