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Final Report of 2019 China International Trenchless Technology Conference & Exhibition

ITTC Organizing Committee

The 2019 China International Trenchless Technology Conference & Exhibition was held from April 12 th to 14 th 2018 at the Suzhou International EXPO Center. There were 2297 guests from 26 provinces and autonomous region in China and other 12 countries and regions attended this event, 3668 person-time visited the exhibition during these three days. Honored guests such as professor Yan Chunwen, Vice chairman of China Society of Trenchless Technology, Prof. Keh-Jian Shou, vice chairman of International Society of Trenchless Technology, Ms. Sun Minmin, Vice Chairman of Singapore Society of Trenchless Technology, Prof. Hideki Shimada, Japan Society of Trenchless Technology, Dr. Hisham Mohamad, Scretary General of Malaysian Society for Trenchless and Tunneling Technology, Professor Li Xuejun, Chairman of Committee, China Association of City Planning Underground Pipeline Professional Committee, and Mr. Chen Fenggang, General Manager of Jiangsu Goodeng Engineering Machinery Assembling Co., Ltd. presented at the opening ceremony and did the ribbon cutting.

During this conference, Mr. Yan Chunwen, Vice chairman of China Society of Trenchless Technology did a report named “The Report of Chinese Trenchless Industry in 2018”, Prof. Keh-jian Shou, gave us a speech, called “On the Key Issues of Trenchless Excavation for Underground Pipelines”, Prof. Hideki Shimada, Japan Society of Trenchless Technology gave us a report called “Application of Rectangular Pipe Jacking to Excavation of Large Space”, Mr. Shi Zhanhua, General Manager of Langfang Huayuan Mechanical and Electrical Engineering Co., Ltd. gave us a Case Study of 5.2 km HDD Construction at Hong Kong International Airport, which is the winner of ISST2018 construction. The heavyweight speakers and the rich subject reports attracted great interest from the delegates.

There were three seminars about “horizontal directional drilling”, “pipe￾jacking/micro tunneling” and “Pipeline rehabilitation” respectively this year. The theme of this year’s seminars was the introduction of construction cases, during which the application of trenchless technologies in special conditions, extreme conditions and new products were introduced and discussed. Jiangsu Dilong Heavy Machinery Co., Ltd., Hangzhou Jiegao Bentonite technology Development Co., Ltd., Vermeer Tianjin Manufacturing Co., Ltd., XCMG Xuzhou Xugong Foundation Construction Machinery Co., Ltd., Anhui Tangxing Machinery Equipment Co., Ltd., Wuhan University, Yangzhou Guangxin Heavy Industries Co., Ltd., Central South University, China, University of Geosciences (Beijing), Beijing Beipai Construction Co., Ltd., Shanghai Guan Li Construction Engineering Co., Ltd., Hangzhou Huashi Pipeline Technology Company, Beijing Longkexing Trenchless Engineering Co., Ltd., Ruilai (Shanghai) Ecotechnology Co., Ltd., Primus Line, and other well-known enterprises and research institutes have fully promoted and shared their own leading technologies, products and construction experience.

Together with JSTT, MSTTT and SgSTT, the conference held the fist “ITTC 2019 Junior Talent development Forum”. Since the launch of the forum in November 2018, it has been sought after by young engineers from NO-DIG related fields in six countries including China, Japan, Malaysia, Singapore, Turkey and Australia. In the end, there were 9 academic reports for oral presentations and 4 personal growth experiences presented at the forum. 13 people competed for the honor of the first three “Star of the Youth”, and a total of 13,870 people participated in the WeChat online voting for “Star of the Youth”. The average age of young engineers participating in this forum was 31.46 years old. Everyone has fully discussed and shared their professional research areas, difficulties encountered in construction, and mentality of growth. During the last 20 minutes of the dialogue session of the forum, the interaction was enthusiastic, and the forum was pushed to a climax, and they will meet each other in Qingdao in 2020.

Due to the space limit of the venue, the organizing committee selected 61 companies to exhibit their latest products and technologies. Among them, 6 companies participated in the exhibition for the first time, accounting for nearly 9% of the total number of exhibitors. 90% of the exhibitors brought dozens of physical products to the exhibition. All the raw space was specially decorated, and all the exhibits were sold out. The equipment which is made in China of this exhibition is further improved in performance, quality and appearance. In addition to attracting buyers from traditional foreign countries such as Russia, Malaysia, Singapore, Germany, India, and Japan, this year's show also invited emerging markets such as Albania, Switzerland, Estonia, Mexico, Egypt, and Kazakhstan to came to Suzhou.

This year, we had gala dinner party supported by Xuzhou Xugong Foundation Construction Machinery Co., Ltd. and also granted the CSTT annual award, on which we presented an honor certificate to Mr. Sun Yueping, GM of Shanghai Guanli Construction Engineering Co., Ltd., who was selected as “2018 Person of the Year of China Trenchless Industry”; we also presented the “2018 Technology of the Year of China Trenchless Industry”. “2018 Product of the Year of China Trenchless Industry”, and “2018 Project of the Year of China Trenchless Industry” to Huangshi Jingwu Pipejacking Engineering Co., Ltd., Beijing Huanfa Pipeline Repair Co., Ltd., Shenzhen Vicquick Environmental Technology Co., Ltd., Central South University, Beijing Beiran Enterprises Group Co., Ltd., Anhui Tangxing Machinery Equipment Co., Ltd., King-drilling Science techniques Hdd Tools Limited Company. For the first time, the conference used a live photo broadcast platform. A total of 217,386 people browsed, accessed and downloaded photos from the cloud photo album. During the Spring Festival in February, the conference sent invitations to 692 foreign industry peers. In midMarch, it sent invitations to 476 foreign counterparts who have paid long attention to the Chinese market. The organizing committee sent invitation via SMS to 7317 professional audiences at the end of February and early April respectively. In the CSTT WeChat public account, 1759 people browsed and forwarded the ITTC2019 WeChat invitation link by WeChat mini program.

Before the conference officially started, we held the CSTT board meeting in the conference room of Suzhou International Expo Center, on which our Secretary General, Mr. Zhu Wenjian gave us the annual report of 2018, and the working plan for 2019

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