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Summary of 2012 International Trenchless Technology Conference and Exhibition China Society for Trenchless Technology
2012 International Trenchless Technology Conference and Exhibition was held in Zhengzhou International Convention & Exhibition Centre during April 20th-22nd. More than 300 representatives across the country and around 2,000 visitors came to the event. Many distinguished guests presented themselves and cut the ribbon for the grand opening, including Professor WANG Da, Chairman of China Society for Trenchless Technology (CSTT) and Previous Deputy Secretary of China Geological Survey, Professor YAN Chunwen, Deputy Chairman of CSTT, Professor Kusuta Tetsuya, Deputy Chairman of Japan Society for Trenchless Technology, Mr. LIU Yuanwen, Technology Counselor of International Science & Technology Cooperation Department and Chinese Embassy in Canada, Mr. WU Kongjun, Deputy Secretary of Henan Provincial Bureau of Geo-exploration and Mineral Development, Professor XIA Bairu, Director of Degree Committee of China University of Geosciences (Beijing), Mr. LI Fangjun, General Manager of Beijing Long Ke Xing Trenchless Engineering Co., Ltd, Mr. JIANG Xianhua, Director of Research Institute of Highway Ministry of Transport, and Mr. LI Guiming, Director of Henan Provincial Geological Environment and Engineering Department. Additionally, Dr. Samuel Ariaratnam, Chairman of International Society for Trenchless Technology (ISTT) and Derek Choi, Vice Chairman of ISTT and Managing Director of Hong Kong BALAMA Group, both sent their congratulatory letters to the conference for their absence.

Professor WU Xiaoming, China University of Geosciences (Wuhan) made a report titled “Introduction on Global Trenchless Industry 2011”. Deputy Chair of CSTT, Researcher Mr. YAN Chunwen made a report on “Introduction on Trenchless Technology”. Professor Kusuta Tetsuya, made a report named “Prospects of Japanese Trenchless Technology”. All the three prominent theme reports aroused great interests of the representatives and generated heat discussions after the conference.

Special themed seminars, say, “Henan Provincial Metro Construction Technology”, “’’Watching Sea’ in the Metropolis – Municipal Pipelines Reconstruction” were set up in order to spur the industry insiders to exchange ideas on a series of hands-on issues in the progress of the metropolitan development. Engineering designers and construction workers from Zhengzhou Municipal Railway Transportation Co., Ltd probed into the techniques and latest products of metro construction. After the seminar, they all inspected the construction sites of Zhenzhou metro and explored cases of the site. When coming to the problem of urban waterlogging, Professor ZHANG Yachun, Institute of Exploration Technique, CAGS, made special report on “Rain and Sewage Diversion to Address the Urban Waterlogging in Langfang”. Dr. ZHAO Wei, Vice President and Chief Researcher of Ultraliner Technology Co., Ltd gave the report titled “How to Use Trenchless Pipeline Repair Technology to Address Urban Waterlogging – Analysis and Discussions on Home/Abroad Experiences”, which both grabbed extensive attentions of the attendees.

Arrays of technical seminars were also held during the conference. A number of renowned companies such as Henan Zhong Tuo Petroleum Engineering Technology Co., Ltd, Borouge Co, Ltd, Xiamen Xin Yong Tong Trenchless Engineering Technology Co., Ltd, Xuzhou Xugong Foundation Construction Machinery Co., Ltd, Beijing Long Ke Xing Trenchless Engineering Co., Ltd, Jiangsu Shi Fang Engineering Equipment Co., Ltd all made case studies and introductions in terms of respective technology strengths, products and construction experiences. Various topics on pipeline repair, implementations of novel materials, construction cases of rig products as well as risk control of engineering were fully presented and shared to the exhibitors and visitors combining with onsite demos.

This year’s exhibition attracted about 80 companies to be registered. After careful selection, around 50 companies showcased their latest products and technologies in the end. Among these, 13 companies made their debut in this international conference. About 30 companies carried dozens of real products on display. Domestic equipment were largely enhanced in performance, quality and appearance, which drawn many foreign equipment exhibitors from America, Japan, Russia, India, Malaysia to come and see. In three-day exhibition, more than 80% of the exhibitors signed purchasing and selling agreement. Considerable equipment and products were reserved for sale in Zhengzhou and Central China. It’s believed that the industry future of the trenchless technology will be a good promise.

International Trenchless Technology Conference has been successfully held for 16 years by 2012. A reception banquet called “Xugong Night” was specially prepared this year. Mr. CHEN Yong, General Manager of Xiamen Xin Yong Tong Trenchless Engineering Technology Co., Ltd, was awarded the Honorable Certificate. Qingdao WorldCom Construction Engineering Co., Ltd, Henan Zhong Tuo Petroleum Engineering Technology Co., Ltd, Shanghai Hua Qun Industrial Incorporated Co., Ltd, Shaoxing Pan Ji Pipe Engineering Co., Ltd, Langfang Municipal Facilities Management Department, Shenzhen Zuan Tong Engineering Machinery Co., Ltd. Xuzhou Xugong Foundation Construction Machinery Co., Ltd, Beijing Long Ke Xing Trenchless Engineering Co., Ltd. were all honored “Excellent Product, Engineering and Technology of the Year 2011”.

The General Council Meeting of CSTT was held in the meeting room of Zhenzhou International Conference Center before the conference. Committee members carefully listened to 2011 Debriefing Report, 2012 Work Plan Report and 2011 Financial Report delivered by Mr. ZHU Wenjian, Secretary of CSTT. Members ran heated discussions and anonymous votes for several awards including People of the Year 2011.

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