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Summary of 2010 International Trenchless Technology Conference and Exhibition China Society for Trenchless Technology

The 14th International Trenchless Technology Conference was successfully held in Suzhou International Expo Center during 17-19 April, 2010. Around 350 representatives across the country attended this conference and about 1,600 people came to visit the exhibition. A number of distinguished guests cut the ribbon at the opening ceremony including Mr. WANG Da, Chairman of China Society for Trenchless Technology (CSTT), Mr. CAI Hanting, Vice President and Executive Director of International Society for Trenchless Technology (ISTT), also President of BALAMA PRIMA Group, Mr. GAO Lixin, Director of Ministry of Housing and Urban Technology Development Promotion Center, Mr. XU Kang, previously Vice President of CPPCC of Suzhou and Mrs. ZHANG Ting, Vice President of Suzhou International Expo Center. a

About 60 dissertations were submitted at this year's conference, among which 33 have passed the assessment. Two dissertations were written in a comprehensive way. Around 20 pieces of paper were about the topic of horizontal directional drilling, 2 about top tube or micro-tunnel, 5 about pipeline replacement and repair. During the conference, Prof. YAN Chunwen, Deputy Chairman of CSTT made the report titled "China's Investigation and Analysis Report of 2009 Trenchless Industry"; Prof. MA Baosong, China University of Geosciences (Wuhan) who substituted Ph. D. Mohammad Najafi, Head Professor of the Center for Underground Infrastructure Research and Education (CUIRE) of University of Texas, previously also Chairman of Pipeline Engineering Branch of American Civil Engineers Institution, made the report named "The Latest Development of Trenchless Technology and Equipment", which aroused great interests among the representatives and generated heat discussions after the conference.

An array of technical seminars was arranged during the conference, where the report "The Situation of Foreign Top-Tube Machines" was made by Mr. LI Haomin, General Manager of Shanghai Kanekura Machinery Engineering Co., Ltd, the report "The Situation of Domestic Top-Tube Machines" was delivered by Mr. WANG Yuejin, General Manger of Jiangsu Zhenjiang Jianbang Mechanical and Electrical Equipment Co., Ltd, "The Construction Problem of Top-Tube" by Mr. WANG Zhaoquan, General of Zhejiang Shaoxing Panshi Infrastructure Engineering Co., Ltd, "3M Spary in Place Pipe" by Mr. ZHANG Jun, Manager of 3M, "Relevant Technology Standards of Trenchless Industry" by Prof. MA Baosong, China University of Geosciences (Wuhan), "Assessment and Repair System of Trenchless Pipe" by Ph.D. ZENG Cong, China University of Geosciences (Wuhan), and the technical lecture titled "Crossing-Through Construction Techniques of Horizontal Directional Drill of Yellow River" was successfully held by Mr. YIN Gangqian, Manager of China Petroleum Pipeline Bureau, "Design Value Method of Horizontal Directional Drilling Pipe Pores/Diameters of Pipe" by Prof. LI Shan, Chengdu University of Technology, "Trenchless Mudding Mechanism and its Specific Application" by Prof. WU Xiaoming, China University of Geosciences (Wuhan) and so forth.

This year's exhibition attracted about 60 companies to be registered. After careful selection, around 35 companies showcased their latest products and technologies in the end. About 20 companies carried dozens of real products on display. Domestic equipment were largely enhanced in performance, quality and appearance, which drawn many foreign equipment exhibitors from America, India, Belarus, Singapore, Malaysia to come and see. In the three-day exhibition, many exhibitors signed purchasing and selling agreement. Considerable equipment and products were reserved for sale in Suzhou and Central China. It's believed that the industry future of the trenchless technology has a good promise.

"The Special Contribution Award of Trenchless Technology" was announced in the reception banquet. In all, seven distinguished guests, including LI Shan, WU Zhiguo, JI zhenguo, Joseph Zeck, XU Xiaohua, LI Haomin were honored this reputation. In addition, WANG Peng was awarded by "People of the Year 2009" who made a passionate speech at that moment.

During the conference, some representatives paid a visit to the R&D Center and Production Base of Yangzhou Guangxin Machinery Co., Ltd.

Before that, the General Council Meeting of CSTT Committee was held in Suzhou Schotel. Members carefully listened to the Debriefing Report of 2009, the Working Plan Report of 2010 and the Financial Report of 2009 which was delivered by Mr. ZHU Wenjian, Secretary of CSTT. Members ran heated discussions and made anonymous votes for several awards including People of the Year 2009.
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