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One day tour in Suzhou(jinji lake)

Suzhou Jinji Lake is the largest inland city lake in the world. The charming night scene of Jinji Lake makes people linger on. Walking along the Jinji Lake can not only taste the charming waterscape of Suzhou, but also enjoy shopping and food in the prosperous commercial streets around.

Travel advice

Morning: one of the classical gardens in Suzhou - Humble Administrator's Garden (about 120 minutes). Visit Humble Administrator's Garden, Lan Xuetang, Furong Pavilion, Wu bamboo residence, snow fragrant cloud Wei Ting, see Hill building and other attractions.

Lunch: Guanqian Street, you can choose a famous Alte Kanzlei Hotel, such as Xiao Di Lou and so on. After dinner, you can buy a little gift from Suzhou snacks in Guanqian Street.
In the afternoon: go to "the first win in Wuzhong" - Huqiu. Visit Huqiu's Han Han Quan, trial sword stone, sword pool, Yunyan Temple Pagoda and other attractions. (about 100 minutes)

Dinner: Jinji Lake, you can choose all kinds of special restaurants and view the night scene. End a pleasant journey.

The picture is transferred from Suzhou tourism information network

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